is an artist and printmaker based in Chicago, IL. In May 2018, Lya graduated from Oberlin College with a double major in Studio Art and German Studies. You can find Lya printing at Spudnik Press, where she's member and fellowship alumna, and Hoofprint, where she assists with lithographic publishing projects. Lya also works part-time at Ryerson & Burnham Library of the Art Institute of Chicago. Before moving to the midwest, Lya grew up in Cranford, NJ. 



My work investigates the historical movement from printed matter to digital content, comparing the ways each has affected how truth and belief function and fail. In figurative, yet absurd and dreamlike illustrations, I strive to harness the reifying power that I find inherent to lithography’s graphic quality due to its commercial history and the space it occupies within our cultural memory. Through print, animation, and installation, I attempt to bring new life to the absurd and supernatural while achieving a level of de-familiarization that pushes my audience to rethink the way they consume information. ​By creating alternate histories and re-contextualizing lithographic images in digital animations, I hope to communicate my understanding that, throughout history, virtually nothing has changed when it comes to the state of truth in relation to the media.