Lunar Animals & Other Objects

stone lithograph with screenprinted color, 2018

10.5” x 14.5”

Loveland Frog

aluminum ball grain plate lithograph, screenprint, 2019



stone lithograph on kitakata, 2018


In the late 1800s, Lorain, Ohio was a growing city receiving mass influxes of immigrants due to the need of a workforce for the now thriving steel mill. Prior to the arrival of the Steel Mill, Lorain was a farming township that raised mostly cattle. While the steel mill was essential to the economic growth of the city, not long after its productions began, the cattle industry and overall environmental well-being of Lorain began to suffer. As pollution was continually dumped into the Black River that surrounds the city and feeds into Lake Erie, local farmers noticed that their cattle starting behaving strangely. Some even went missing. Farmers reported seeing their cows become carnivorous and tearing apart rabbits and squirrels. One day in 1894, all of Lorain farmer Max Cocalis's cows suddenly disappeared. After searching the surrounding area to no avail, the cows reemerged the very next day as one, giant, multi-headed cow-demon. The Cow Monster reportedly chased Cocalis off his land and into downtown Lorain, where Cocalis rounded up volunteers to rid the town of this new beast. The makeshift militia spent weeks hunting down the Cow Monster and before chasing it into the Black River, where many believe it drowned. However, others believe that the pollution from the surrounding steel mills was so toxic, that the Cow Monster didn't drown, but developed gills as a means of surviving in its new aquatic habitat. 
In 1937, two french brothers named Dusseau encountered a huge monster writhing on a beach near Toledo. They described the creature as "shaped like a hundred cows merged into one, except that it had arms."

Bessie, The Lake Erie Cow Monster

aluminum ball grain plate lithograph, 2018

22" x 29.5"

Ode to Barbara Urselin

(Two Bearded Ladies Having a Sleepover & Combing Each Other's Hair) 

screenprint, 2018

26" x 31.5"

For Two (2017)

stone lithograph, 2017



stone lithograph, 2017

12.5" x15.5”

Sleeping Sisters

stone lithograph (2-layer reduction), 2017



copper plate etching with aquatint & chine collé, 2018